About us

SolaJoule is both a supplier and installer of the latest technology in energy-efficient lighting and solar power solutions in Perth, Western Australia. Our holistic services take an innovative approach to solving everyday energy issues.

Our Services

Our services cover both indoor and outdoor LED lighting, as well as solar gate openers and solar water pumps. We offer integrated energy solutions to the home, commercial and light industrial customer, from the pole into the house, office or industrial unit. This includes assessment of the condition of infrastructure, maintenance, refurbishment and demolition, as well as electrical installations.

Energy Efficient Products

Our product range includes a variety of energy saving solutions from LED Lighting and Photovoltaic systems to Solar Powered Gate Openers and Water Pumps.

lighting solutions


The SolaJoule LED range has been developed over the past 5 years, working closely with the production team to bring an energy saving lighting solution.

gate opener kits

Gate Opener Kits

Our solar gate openers have urban and rural applications, and can be used on your main entrance or paddock gates, whether round or square gate posts.

solar battery chargers

Solar Battery Chargers

Perfect for camping, mobile and household needs.

solar powered pumps

Solar Powered Pumps

Our multi-purpose solar pump was developed by ourselves in response to requests from our customers for a reliable, small-scale pump which could be used for a variety of applications.

We love the job you have done, the system is amazing and so easy to use.Theresa

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Contact us for provision of A-grade electrical installation services, partnering to reduce energy bills and environmental footprints in Western Australia.

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